Welcome to Birla Children Academy

Academic Curiculum

Classes (l-V)
Curriculum for class I-IV has been framed and developed focusing on boosting and nurturing the natural interest, curiosity, knowledge and understanding of the students. Learning is exploring. Following the latest pedagogical trends, the thematic inter disciplinary approach has been adopted at their level.
The school follows integrated curriculum based on the programmes of the CBSE with a special emphasis on inculcating confidence in the basic life skills- Reading, writing, listening, speaking, understanding, problem solving, learning logical and right values and proper communications.
Students are encouraged to work with resourcefulness and commitment, special focuses on maximum growth for each learner.

Classes (VI to X)
The curriculum of class VI to X is meant for fostering skills such as proper communication, problem solving and also focuses on experimental learning through projects, quizzer, visits and re-learning through smart class. The curriculum provides detailed study of the subjects like English, Math’s, Science. It also reflects a complete blend of education with the cultural and technological diversities of the nation.
Tests and examination have now become a part of the assessment methodology and parents are informed about the child academic progress and are also provided a frequent opportunity to interact with teachers to review and assess the situation.
The school strictly follows the CBSE guidelines and recognizes all round development of each and every child through various activities, group discussions, debates, extempore etc.


One of the very important characteristics of a student is to question.